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Of course!! I wanted to announce the above mentioned thing.

And we will take a view over all the September facts and fun.

India dealt and welcomed lots of things. There was more freedom seen and Supreme Court got more adventurous about it’s decision.

Section 497. 

Read about it more in above given link.


The apple army got more happier as new version of iPhone are launched. With lots of amazing features.

Read more about apple



The new release among books

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among jewellery  you can get variety in Amazon.

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So wasn’t it amazing!!

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The Saturday edition|September



I hope you are doing great.

And this Saturday we have lot to look back and what happened to the law and world minds.

If you can’t take in here it is:

Section 377 is the happening thing and a trolling thing.

It’s a law for LGBTQ community which allows them to stay together without being afraid.

What I feel is be comfortable with your own self and win and win. I learnt so much from this.

Whatever you may feel is never bad if all you feel is LOVE.

It’s true that nowadays there are less connection and people love to keep the things at themselves  So, what happened… Genes changed.. Roles are changing.. Feelings are given more importance than.. Offspring and stuffs!! Inheritance..

Love wins!!


It’s just the fact

where concern is that the man I will fall for shall be safe from the men too..

In the era, my husband needs to be kept safe from women as well as men (gay).


In Maharashtra while dahihandi.. A BJP amdar said that if you love a girl tell that to your parents and bring along with them to my office or house and we will make sure we kidnap her for you.

How stupid and weird is that man…

Do check out the news..

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Thank you!! 

Independence Day!!

Independent India!! My incredible India … Of course!! 

I love my country.. Of course!! 

And whatever happens you shall love your nation too.. 

I want to share the first verse of our national anthem 

“Jana gana mana adhi nayak jaya he Bharat bhagya vidhata…. “

That’s the beautiful anthem isn’t it.. 

Similarly.. My new favorite from the movie raazi.. Which goes.. 

“Ae watan watan mere abaad rahe tu.. 

Me jaha rahuuu jaha me yaad rahe tu”

Wonderful and amazing!! 

We have lots of stuffs which we don’t like and there are lots of stuffs which we love..

On this auspicious occasion..

Kids and people mostly .. Go and visit an institution where the day is celebrated…

And those who enjoy sleep and don’t consider celebrating are like… Oooohhh!!!

There are people like that… Of course!!

There are people like me.. I m one of those who used to be eager to go to school for the I-Day…and now. .i wake up at 11 on Independence Day. . That’s my fuckin right…

Now from December onwards there will be elections….

There will be chaos…

The will be lots of stuffs… Which will make sit us home.. And waste time in worrying. .

The government will act in such a way which will make us hate the ruling party more…

There will be curfews.. And there will be riots…


Shit!!! Total uncertainties ..

I just want the 73rd I-Day to witness stability and maturity. ..

I hope in 2019 we will be going in good hands which will govern well.. And don’t speak on radios…

So..!! I just want to tell the future PM of India..

Welcome to the total uncertainties.. Break hearts not promises… Act!!

Bateein kam.. Kaam zyada…

More employment opportunities!! And kick away the reservation section…

Let’s increase calibre and education ..

I hope you know what I mean.. And what we all want..

Yours faithfully!!

Future India lover.. .





A Lovely Story – Episode 2


How to appropriately and reasonably converse with a stranger






  • Open up a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T).
  • Type uname -r. This will show you the kernel you’re using currently, so you don’t want to remove this.
  • Run the following command: dpkg --list | grep linux-image. This will show the all the kernels that are installed.
  • Note down the names of all the kernels which you want to remove.
  • To remove the kernels, run: apt-get purge linux-image-x.x.x.x-xyz (replace the kernel name with an appropriate one).

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